Syria: insurgents brought down the Russian plane

Syria: insurgents brought down the Russian plane

As report news of Syria, the Russian armies in Syria already have today the first losses. According to some information, insurgents brought down the Russian attack plane of "Su-24".

As the known blogger of ZLOY_ODESSIT reports, referring to the authentic sources, the Russian armies in Syria were not counted today one attack plane, transfers to

"With an initiative! From sources deserving trust information that in Syria first Su-24 of the Air Force of the Russian Federation near the city of Deyr-ez-Zor was brought down arrives. According to preliminary information the pilot catapulted and is not found yet. Considering that fact that the city is located in a considerable distance from air base in Latakia, in the back of forces resisting to Assad, probability of that the pilot will manage to escape is extremely insignificant. Especially, considering consequences of the first bombardment of the Syrian cities which have entailed multiple victims among the peace population.

By the way, all to Syria 12 units of Su-24 were thrown. And a bit earlier in an infoprostranstvo on a wave of a general agiotage the throw about two brought-down Su-24 and one Tu-22 that does not represent the facts was provoked and is the fake, one of what are used for creation of information noise.

That, ждемс a photo and video filming of remains of the plane and, it is not excluded, future execution of the pilot. Very indicative materialchik will visit for all comers the solar saved Syria during extraordinary holiday, whether not so?", – the blogger wrote.

Let’s remind that radical Islamic insurgents in Syria already declared an award in one million liras for "head" of the Russian soldier. Death to the Russian invaders!

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