Confidential A-60: blow on satellites and rockets of the USA

Confidential A-60: blow on satellites and rockets of the USA

Whether the new plane hyperboloid with the laser weapon is necessary to Russia?

The newest updating of Il-76MD-90A of the Ulyanovsk plant "Aviastar" will equip with the fighting laser.

On September 14 the Taganrog aviation scientific and technical complex of G. M. Beriyev (ТАНТК) published information on performance of a stage of a component of developmental work on a subject «Ergonomic ensuring development of the A-60SE plane» on a site of state purchases.

In this regard the blog bmpd which is conducted by experts of the Center of the analysis of strategy and technologies, notes: SE index in the Taganrog demand means the modern name of the Sokol Eshelon project.

– According to known data first serial Il-76MD-90a № 01-03 is transferred on ТАНТК for completion as the DRLO A-100 new plane on ROC of "Premieres", – is told in a blog post. – As it was reported on one of profile forums the second serial plane (No. 01-04) also it was transferred in April of this year not in the Air Force, and to Taganrog for creation on its base of a laser complex of air basing in development of flying A-60 laboratory.

Let’s note that in the USSR under code A-60 the laser complex of aviation basing (LKAB) disappeared. On it problems of fight against prospecting satellites and rockets of the opponent were fulfilled. Over the project experts ТАНТК of G.M.Beriyev together with CDB "Almaz" worked also.

Then two planes were created, only one however escaped – 1991 of construction. Debut flight made the first copy of the A-60/1A1 plane laboratory on August 19, 1981, and in 1984th it the air target for the first time was struck. It is known that all some tens flights on application of laser installation on the purpose – to the stratospheric balloon being at height of 30-40 km were executed.

But in 1993 of work on the plane and a laser complex were stopped. However there are data that in 2003 was again open for ROC – under the code "Sokol Eshelon". And in the 2012th there was information that Almaz-Antey air defense concern, ТАНТК and the Voronezh firm "Himpromavtomatika" received the technical project on creation of the laser, capable to burn cases of planes, satellites and ballistic missiles.

In the USA also long time were engaged in creation of fighting laser installation on the basis of the modified cargo Boeing 747-400 °F plane (Boeing YAL-1, ABL – AirBorne Laser) which it was planned to use for antimissile defense. As reported the American mass media, in February, 2010 this installation managed to strike two ballistic missiles on dispersal a flight site. However the subsequent tests failed, and in 2011 the Ministry of Defence of the USA recognized development not applicable in practice and expensive. As a result the carrier of the fighting laser in February, 2012 was sent on storage on a platform of the 309th group on service and repair of the aerospace equipment (AMARG) which is better known as "Cemetery" (The Boneyard).

The military expert, historian Alexander Shirokorad notices: since the beginning of the 70th years the management of VS USSR showed huge interest to development on laser subject.

– Except laser installation of air basing, there were such programs, as "Terra-3" (over it the Nobel winner in physics Nikolay Basov), the project under the name 1К17 "Compression" worked – a prototype of a mobile laser gun on the basis of a self-propelled howitzer of "Msta-S", works on the Scythian spacecraft, capable to bear on themselves a laser gun were conducted, and to the land laser Stilet complexes.

But originally laser installations it was planned to place on space platforms, stations and aircraft for destruction of the USA planned then to placement in an orbit of Earth of satellites interceptors. Theoretically the laser could operate effectively in space. But all existing installations were adhered to stationary power sources that did not meet the requirements of military space where autonomy was necessary. As a result of a task of working off of the laser weapon by the management of the Soviet Union was are assigned to Navy. The powerful power plant (so according to documents the beam gun was called) it was decided to establish by the surface ship.

In the 1976th commander-in-chief of the Navy admiral Sergey Gorshkov approved a task for re-equipment of the average landing ship of the SDK-20 project 770 in a development vessel of the Foros project 10030. On it it was planned to feel the laser Akvilon complex intended for defeat of ship optiko-electronic means and crews of the ships of the opponent. The first laser shot from the ship was made in the spring of 1980, and hit in a target at once was reached. During the subsequent tests it was possible to bring down a laser beam «the low-flying rocket» – most likely, ПТУРС the Phalanxes type. But I will note that if firing lasted to pair of seconds, on preparation for it it was required more than days (!).

For test of more powerful laser in 1978 in Leningrad started Dickson bulk carrier re-equipment in the carrier of the laser weapon. All works were coded, received the name «the Subject "Aydar". The first laser volley "Dickson" made in the summer of 1980 from a distance of four kilometers on a target ashore. But also then the efficiency of a beam made only 5 % – energy of a beam was "eaten" by moisture evaporations from a sea surface.

Thus, for arms of the surface ships the laser was obviously unusable, though this idea first and admiral Gorshkov lit up.

I will notice that after the section of the Black Sea fleet in the 90th experimental vessel "Dickson" with first-ever fighting laser system departed to Ukraine where was it is sold on scrap metal. On one sources – to India, on another – in the USA (in the western mass media there was information that from the USSR representatives of the Pentagon found 35-megavattny power generators then any information on technical possibilities of the latest Soviet weapon was coded in hold of one vessel).

In the USA regularly pass tests of the laser weapon that with a big pomp it is shined in mass media. It was possible to Americans on the range in California under ideal weather conditions to saw thin the rocket case (to what – does not know). They could bring down also the laser any small targets, such as bespilotnik, burned the engine of an inflatable boat from small distance.

But, by and large, all this is a facade. Experiments are carried out in specific conditions, it is similar laboratory, and about any tests of army level (in the conditions of the low temperature, the increased humidity of air, poor visibility) cannot be and speeches. Let’s tell, in the 90th Basses, answering a question of results of the laser Terra-3 program, told the following: «Well, we fixed that nobody can bring down a warhead of the ballistic missile a laser beam, and we fine advanced lasers …».

– That is the direction perspective but while in real operations existing lasers cannot be applied?

– Probably, the laser weapon can be applied in any separate special operations, as means of suppression of optiko-electronic systems and investigation (to reflection identification from riflescopes of field-glasses, lenses of viewing devices), for countersniper fight, in sights of sniper rifles and PTUR, and also in space. For this purpose, by the way, it is unessential to deduce there the carrier. In particular, the laser of air basing, in principle, can destroy any spacecrafts according to the following scheme: the plane flies at height of 15 km and carries out impact on object, but does not destroy, and simply puts it out of action.

The head of the Center euroatlantic and the RISI defensive researches Grigory Tishchenko says that the laser direction after all needs to be developed, so behind these technologies the future.

– In spite of the fact that in December, 2011 the Pentagon closed the program of development of the fighting laser of air basing of ABL which it was planned to use for the ABM, works on laser subject there all the same go. Americans do the laser of land and sea basing.

At works with Boeing YAL-1 transatlantic experts faced the following problems: with complexity of prompting of the laser on the purpose, with beam passing through the atmosphere, with accuracy of its keeping. Generally, there was a mass of technical problems, the decision which the science while cannot find though the plane was ready.

I will notice that cost of works was very high. It is known that in the USA there is no large program of arms which would keep within the initial sums. By data from open sources, the American military spent 5 billion dollars for program financing. And in the USA planned to construct eight such cars that they, alternately replacing each other, could bear continuous watch in air.

In Russia works in this direction are conducted (that more than once found confirmation in various publications), however at research and development level. To speak about the laser of air basing as about any system of arms which in medium-term prospect could be taken advantage for MBR destruction, it is not necessary yet.

– And what principle of operation of the laser of air basing? It does not burn, and "blinds" optical heads of homing of ballistic missiles and satellite systems of supervision?

-, For example, the class "air-air", having infra-red head of prompting, it is possible to "blind" the high-precision rocket and thus to take away from the purpose. But the warhead MBR has high security which to strike with the laser of the existing capacity it is impossible.

In America it was a question of MBR defeat on a site of its removal, that is on start. If solid propellant rockets it is heavier to strike because of a smaller inflammability of fuel (so-called initiation of explosive evaporation), a wall liquid thinner. But for this purpose it is required huge laser installations with accumulators of the huge sizes, to place which by planes in the foreseeable future it is impossible.

It is necessary to understand that impact on the purpose the laser can be carried out in two ways – pulse and continuous. But for pulse short-term influence there should be the highest capacity, and for continuous – providing point deduction on the purpose.

The corresponding member РАРАН, the doctor of military sciences Konstantin Sivkov also says that today in world mass media strongly absolutize a laser subject that in a root it is erroneous.

– Laser installation by the fighting ships in interests of the ABM will allow to apply it only in conditions when there is no overcast or a fog. And a fog on the sea – the phenomenon rather widespread. For the solution of problems of the ABM there are questions of passing of a beam through the atmosphere and its deduction on the purpose. And here defeat of the optical equipment is possible, as it is applied in the conditions of a clear weather when the laser is effective.

But works on this direction all the same should be continued, because behind this weapon the future, especially if there is a speech about its application in space. For it the unit of fire is not necessary, at competent use of the laser the unlimited quantity of shots can be provided.