The Syrian airfield prepare for reception of military aircraft of China

The Syrian airfield prepare for reception of military aircraft of China

The latest news about fast emergence in borders of Syria of navy of China encouraged Syrians and restored earlier lost optimism.

The Syrian editions write that arrival of the Chinese military ships in port Tartus will strengthen group anti-ИГИЛовских the forces, presented by their Russian colleagues who already took place in the western part of rural areas of Syria. However, unlike the Russian allies, Chinese hardly will send infantry divisions for expansion on all country. Instead, the People’s Republic of China will direct the military and air energies to airfield in the international airport Bassel Al-Assad where they will join the Air Force of Russia and Syria, – writes The Arab Sourse.

Earlier this airfield was used by the Syrian military aircraft as air base, flights along all coast from where were carried out. The airport is in the area Dzhablekh at Latakia.

According to the senior officer in the Syrian Arab army (SSA), now the specified air base is used generally by the Air Force of Russia while the Air Force of Syria the majority of the air means iz-Al threw Assad to the province Homs within preparation for emergence of the Chinese Air Force.

Let’s remind, a number of the Lebanese editions reported that while in the White House Barack Obama celebrated the Chinese leader Si Tszinpin, to coast of Syria the aircraft carrier "Liaoning" (Liaoning-CV-16) went. In a fighting campaign it is accompanied by the rocket cruiser and some other the military ships. It radically changes all geopolitical situation in the Middle East region. Thus, the USA completely loses an initiative in the Middle East and that will not allow increase of confrontation it is compelled to "give in".