Russia is ready to discuss safety of flights over Syria

Russia is ready to discuss safety of flights over Syria

The USA declare that the Russian aircraft does not see a difference between moderate opposition and radical Islamists.

Russia agreed to take part in negotiations from the USA on safety of air space in Syria, reported the Pentagon.

"The Ministry of Defence received the official answer from the Russian ministry on the offer to discuss safety of air operations in the sky over Syria", – the press secretary of the Pentagon Peter Cook declared to journalists.

Now offers of the Russian side are studied, Cook explained. According to him, negotiations, most likely, will take place during week-end.

On October 7 the Minister of Defence of the USA Asheton Carter declared that the United States do not plan to coordinate hostilities in Syria with Russia.

"We consider that Russia chose incorrect strategy – they continue to strike blows to the purposes which are not connected with "The Islamic state". We believe, it is a serious, tragic mistake", – Carter declared.

He added that the countries will discuss only technical questions on operation in Syria, safety of pilots concerning, for example. In reply the Russian Ministry of Defence declared that the USA, possibly, do not consider "The Islamic state" as the terrorist organization, the dislocations of fighters given about regions refuse to provide time to Russia.

Russia already addressed to Britain with a request to provide information on infrastructure of extremists in Syria "for increase of efficiency of airstrikes".

Some western politicians argue that from all rocket attacks put with Russia in Syria, only units were put on positions of YOKES while the moderate Syrian opposition was a main objective of the Russian military. Russia rejects these charges.

Moscow gives political support to the president of Syria Bashar Assad which overthrow the armed opposition achieves some years. In turn Washington and its allies support moderate oppositionists and support Assad’s resignation.

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