Russia threatens to arrest planes of Bulgaria for debts

Russia threatens to arrest planes of Bulgaria for debts

The ministry of transport of Bulgaria received the notice from Russia about possibility of arrest of the Bulgarian planes for debts. The similar letter was sent to the Bulgarian party also by the authorities of Switzerland. 3 more states while warned Bulgaria orally.

«The fact that we received two letters in which it is told about possibility of detention of our planes for debts. Respectively we addressed in the Ministry of Finance, from where to us advised to pay off with debts from our budget, but we have no such means. Without paying the debts, ourselves to ourselves create only problems. It not jokes. I now every day think that the plane will depart, and him will detain at any airport for debts. I would not like to think constantly of it», – the minister of transport Ivaylo Moskovski explained a situation.

It is a question of possible arrest of governmental planes of Aviagroup 28.

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