Mass media reported about emergence of the Russian aircraft in Syria

Mass media reported about emergence of the Russian aircraft in Syria

To Syria there arrive the Russian planes, they will join in air blows on forces of «The Islamic state». About it reports the Israeli Ynetnews edition referring to diplomatic sources.

As interlocutors of the edition note, the Russian military and aviation equipment already are on one of air bases supervised by the government in vicinities of Damascus. It is supposed that "already thrown" shock planes and helicopters will be involved in fight against fighters of «The Islamic state».

Sources of the edition argue that in the next weeks the number of the Russian military in Syria can reach several thousand people: advisers, instructors, тыловиков, zenitchik and pilots of fighting aircraft.

The source to "Lenty.Ra" close to power structures of Israel, reported that, according to its information, the Russian military in Syria really are (mainly as instructors and military advisers), however doubted accuracy of called Ynetnews of volumes of a transfer. Besides, the source noticed that the events are perfectly known in Washington and meet there «silent approval».

According to him, it should be noted high probability of that the agreement between Moscow and Tehran about coordination of actions, in particular in the field of strengthening of arms of the Syrian army one of these days was reached. Besides, transfer of Russia the rights of use of one more Syrian port (besides Tartus) for ensuring military transportations is represented to a source probable.

On August 16 Turkish mass media reported about arrival in Syria on airfield near Damascus six Russian fighters MiG-31. The press then connected possible emergence of these cars with performance of the old contract on type planes MiG-31Э concluded with Syria still in 2007, but not executed for the political reasons. However "Rosoboronexport" disproved on the same day this information. The head of RAC MiG Sergey Korotkov, declared that it does not know about deliveries to Syria these planes.

Activity of «The Islamic state» is forbidden in the territory of Russia.

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