The Manned Rheintochter

At the end of 1944, Rheinmetall-Borsig at Unterliiss made initial drawings for a manned Rheintochter flak rocket. This single-seat jet-and-rocket propelled

projectile would have a ceiling of 12,000 metres (39,000 ft). Two variants were planned. The first design had four equal-sized wings and a pair of BMW turbines integral in two of the wings as horizontal propulsion, the other had three wings and an HeS 011 engine below the fuselage. Armament would have been two MK 108 guns or a honeycomb of 32 R4M rockets or four barrel-block rotary magazines containing air-to-air rockets. The first variant would require a launch assembly, the other a disposable chassis. What became of these plans is unknown.

The Unterliiss report is dated 23 June 1947 and was put together by Dr Klein, head of the C-team for the British occupying power.

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