The Russian bespilotnik will unite in a fighting network

The Russian bespilotnik will unite in a fighting network

In a course «Day of innovations», organized the Ministry of Defence of Russia, will show a new complex of onboard equipment for the pilotless aircraft (BPLA), created within the concept of setetsentrichesky wars, reports TASS. The complex developed by Incorporated instrument-making corporation (OPK), will allow to lead up information to end users directly, passing point of management of BPLA.

«The complex is created in the spirit of the concept of "setetsentrichesky wars" (increase of efficiency of armies through improvement of exchange of information between fighting units and divisions – a comment to "Lenty.Ra") and is base for creation of various prospecting BPLA which can be integrated into modern automated control systems for fight», – the interlocutor of agency explained.

Similar complexes form «a fighting network» («fighting space», battle space in the western terminology) which allows to process information and to lead up it directly from a board of a bespilotnik, without participation of land point of management of BPLA, to the direct recipient – the commander of division, the fighter, a control system of a fighting vehicle or operated ammunition. As the representative of corporation noted, «such possibilities allow command points and each fighting unit integrated into a control system of fight, to see data of pilotless investigation online and to operate more operatively».

The onboard radio-electronic equipment presented at an exhibition, according to representatives of OPK, can be established on bespilotnik of any type. In particular, new development is used in the equipment of the pilotless device "Corsair" created by Vega concern a part of corporation.

The international exhibition «Day of innovations» of the Ministry of Defence of Russia will pass on October 5 and 6 in park "Patriot" situated near Moscow. More than 250 military and scientific organizations of department will take part in action.

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