Camouflage no longer required for any AAF aircraft except night Fighters, November 1943

On November 3, 1943, HQ. AAF sent the following message to the VIII Ar Force Service Command:

Approved policy on camouflage is quoted in substance as follows: “No requirement exists for camouflaging any AAF aircraft except Night Fighters.

Night Fighters shall be painted with non reflecting type camouflage paint.

Camouflage paint will be eliminated from all production AAF airplanes subsequently produced except Night Fighters.

Navy type aircraft will be accepted with Navy camouflage.

Camouflage may be removed from existing AAF airplanes at the option of the Theater Commander or Commanding General under whose jurisdiction such aircraft operate in accordance with technical instructions issued by Commanding General Air Service Command.

Future production aircraft which require painting such as fabricated of wood shall be painted with aluminated paint”.

Above policy in no way prohibits Theater Commander if he desires from (retaining-sic) aircraft camouflage.

Western Proc. Dist. informed that camouflage would be removed from P-38s and B-29s, November 16,1943.

On November 16,1943, the Prod. Eng. Sect. (WF), informed the Western Proc. Dist., Los Angeles, that camouflage would be removed in production from P-38 and B-29s, but not from other aircraft until the Army, Navy, and Lease-Lend recipients could reach an agreement.


Boeing B-17F-10-BO, 41-24484, aircraft LL-C, of the 401st BS, 91st BG, was named “Bad Egg”. Covered with massive green blotches, it shows red outline insignia overpainted with a blue border. Code letters are in Yellow. It is seen at its base near Bassingbourne, England, on October 15, 1943. (USAF)

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