Mat. Com. (Wash.) states that camouflage paint required on photographic aircraft in the theaters, March 15, 1943

Mat. Com. (Wash.) informed Prod. Div, (WF) that the Dir. of Photo, had received information from the theaters that camouflage paint was needed despite the added weight. The Dir. of Photo. (Wash.) had directed (hat all photographic aircraft be haze painted at the factory, since the camouflage was a distinct advantage in avoiding interception. Although the Dir. of Mil. Req. (Wash.) did not concur in this directive, there was no objection to having the aircraft painted with haze paint, provided that Mat. Com. (Wash.) approved. Mat. Com. (Wash.) requested that an investigation be conducted and a report forwarded.


Douglas A-20A. serial unknown, painted in the special North West African forces camouflage applied in the field. This airplane appears to he painted very closely to the suggested pattern in the order, but it is not possible to ascertain if the undersurfaces wen; repainted in the suggested light blue color. The rudder has been replaced by one from another A-2t> and carries part of that airplane’s serial number in black. (IJSAF)


Lockheed F-5A-10-LO, 41-2981, in England, finish unknown, with the yellow outlined cocarde, (USAF)