Under авиудары Russia three Syrian hospitals

got Under авиудары Russia three Syrian hospitals

Within two days – on October 2 and 3 – at least three hospitals suffered from airstrikes of the Russian Aerospace armies in Syria, the organization "Doctors for human rights" reports.

"Bashar Assad’s strengths ruthlessly attacked establishments of health system of Syria for the last four years, and now the government of Russia goes in the same way", – is told in the message.

According to human rights activists, on October 2 the Russian military plane put an airstrike on field hospital in Latamni (province of the Boor). The hospital received damages, some medics were wounded.

On the same day the Russian military plane struck blow to the emergency response center in Benin in the province Idlib. The part of the center was destroyed, at least two ambulance cars are seriously damaged.

On October 3 the Russian plane damaged al-Lurnas hospital in Northern Latakia, near to Turkish border. The insignificant material damage was caused to medical institution, but it was necessary to carry out evacuation.

Earlier today the official representative of the Ministry of Defence of Russia major general Igor Konashenkov reported that the Russian planes on the night of Thursday made 22 fighting departures and struck blows to 27 objects of terrorists in Syria. "Bombers attacked eight strong points of fighters in the province Homs. As a result of fire defeat of the purposes fortifikatsionny constructions of fighters" are completely destroyed, – he told.

According to the representative of department, attack planes also struck blows to 11 regions of an arrangement of camps of preparation of fighters "Islamic state" (it is forbidden in the Russian Federation) in provinces of the Boor and Rakk. As a result of blows the infrastructure used for preparation of terrorists is destroyed.

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