The Russian Federation was called throws of the message on death of civilians in Syria by

The Russian Federation was called throws of the message on death of civilians in Syria by

The official representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia Maria Zakharova called "throws" information that as a result of actions of the Russian Air Force in Syria civilians were lost.

"Russia did not manage to develop yet operation on counteraction of IGIL which as it was told repeatedly, becomes at the desire of official Damascus, Sergey Lavrov’s first words on UNSF as numerous "throws" went to mass media that during the Russian operation civilians" perish did not manage to sound, – Zakharova declared.

The representative Russian the Ministry of Foreign Affairs called these messages "information attack".

After the Russian aircraft put the first airstrikes in a neighborhood of the city of Homs, the Syrian center of supervision over observance of human rights reported that among victims there are civilians. Besides, the agency Assoshieyted a press referring to the high-ranking American diplomat reported that the Russian air blows, apparently, are put not on positions of "The Islamic state", and on groups of the opposition which is at war with Bashar Assad.

According to him, fighters of YOKES are not present in that area where the Russian aircraft operates. This information in interview to the Jellyfish edition was confirmed by Talbis’s being near Homs resident, Firas es Said. "The first blow was put on inhabited quarters of the city in which "The Islamic state" is not present. The city of Talbis, as well as Homs, is not supervised by them", – he declared.

Earlier on Wednesday the president of Russia Vladimir Putin declared that the Russian military and air forces will support to the Syrian government until the army of Syria will perform offensive operations. Thus Putin confirmed that Russia will support Syria from air without participation in land operations.

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