Comparing Missions of Big Three

Table 12.1 summarises few details of the first Moon missions of Japan, China and India.

Table 12.2 Important payloads




Terrain camera, multiband

Stereo camera/

Terrain mapping camera

imager and spectral profiler

spectrometer imager

Hyperspectral imager

Laser altimeter

Laser altimeter

Lunar laser ranging instrument

X-ray spectrometer

X-ray spectrometer

High-energy X-ray spectrometer

Gamma-ray spectrometer

Gamma-ray spectrometer

Smart near-infrared spectrometer Atom reflecting analyser

Lunar magnetometer

Solar wind detectors

Radiation dose monitor Mini synthetic aperture radar Moon mineralogy mapper

Charged particle

High-energy particle

spectrometer Plasma imager Relay satellite


Table 12.2 lists important sensors which are part of the Moon missions of the three Asian countries. Here, an attempt has been made to present them in a comparative fashion (as far as possible) in regard to their functions. However, it may be noted that the design approaches and designing agencies for all these sensors are different. Also, the characteristics of some sensors vary. Hence, only a partial comparison is possible.

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