Resolution Adopted by NACA Committee on Aerodynamics, 5 October 1954 —

Подпись: This resolution was the official beginnings of the X-15 research airplane program.RESOLUTION ADOPTED HI NACA

WHEREAS, The necessity of maintaining supremacy In the «dr continues to place great urgency on solving the problems of flight with man-carrying aircraft at greater speeds and extreme altitudes, and

WHEREAS, Propulsion systems are now capable of propelling such aircraft to speeds and altitudes that impose entirely new and unexplored aircraft design problems, and

WHEREAS, It now appears feasible to construct a research airplane capable of initial exploration of these problems,

3E IT HEREBY RESOLVED, That the Committee on Aerodynamics endorses the proposal of the 1mediate initiation of a project to design and construct a research airplane capable of achieving speeds of the order of Mach Number 7 and altitudes of several hundred thousard feet for the exploration of the problems of stability and control of manned aircraft end aerodynamic heating in the severe form asaociated with flight at extreme speeds and altitudes.