The capacity to transport the massive mobile launcher with a fully erected Saturn V in launch ready condition is a key to the mobile concept of Launch Complex 39. This is accomplished by a huge transporter which moves the mobile launcher and vehicle from the VAB to the launch site, approx­imately 3.5 miles away. The transporter moves at a maximum speed of 1 mile per hour, loaded, or 2 miles per hour, unloaded. The vehicle —131 feet long and 114 feet wide—moves on four double­tracked units, each 10 feet high and 40 feet long. Each unit is driven by an electric motor.

Tractive power is provided by 16 direct current motors served by two diesel-driven direct current generators. The generators are rated at 1,000 kilo­watts each and are driven by 2,750 horsepower diesel engines. Speed of the vehicle is controlled by – varying the generator fields. Power for the fields is provided by two 750-kilowatt power units which also provide power for pumps, lights, instrumenta­tion, and communications.

Подпись:Подпись: K-107-66PC-87 Facility Vehicle at Ramp of Launch Pad


External access to the Saturn V space vehicle at the launch site is provided by the mobile service structure. The steel-truss structure rises more than 400 feet above ground level and more than 350 feet above the deck of the mobile launcher. It has five platforms which close around the vehicle. Two platforms are powered to move up and down. The remaining three are relocatable, but not self­powered. A mechanical equipment room, opera-

8- 14
tions support room, communications and television equipment room, and various other equipment com­partments are located in the base.

The service structure is moved to and from the pad by the transporter. Once in position, either at the launch pad or in a parking area, the structure is anchored to support pedestals. The service struc­ture remains in position at the pad until about T-7 hours when it is removed to its parking area 7,000 feet from the pad.

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