The pneumatic control system provides GHe (gas­eous helium) pressure to operate all third stage pneumatically operated valves with the exception of those provided as components of the J-2 engine. GHe is supplied from an ambient helium sphere and pressurized from a ground source before propel­lant fill operations at 3,100 ± 100 psia at 70° Fahren­heit for valve operation. The sphere is located on the thrust structure and is pre-conditioned to above 70° Fahrenheit from the environmental control system before liftoff.

The pneumatic control system provides regulated pressure at 475 ± 25 psig for operation of the LH, and LOX vent-relief valves during propellant load­ing, LH2 directional control valve, LOX and LH, fill and drain valves during loading, and the GH2 engine start system vent-relief valve. It also pro­vides operating pressures for the LH, and LOX turbopump turbine purge module, LOX chilldown pump purge module control, LOX and LH, pre­valves, LOX and LH, chilldown shutoff valves, and the LH, continuous propulsive vent control module.

The pneumatic control subsystem is protected from overpressure by a normally open solenoid valve controlled by a downstream pressure-sensing switch. At pressures greater than 535 + 15, -10 psia, the pressure switch actuates and closes the valve. At pressures below 450 + 15, -10 psia, the pressure switch drops out and the solenoid opens, thus acting as a backup regulator.

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