Westland Sea King

Naval ASW, ASuV, AEW, SAR and utility helicopter


The Royal Navy (and Royal Marines) rely on the Sea King HC. Mk 4, better known as the Commando, as its primary assault transport.



our Sikorsky-built S-61s were shipped to Westland in 1966 as pattern aircraft for the Royal Navy’s licence-produceo Sea King HAS. Mk 1 Flying on 7 May 1969, it had British avionics and ASW systems, including search radar, sonar, Doppler and bathythermographic equipment, and AFCS. Weapons included Mk 44 torpedoes, Mk 11 depth charges or a WE177 nuclear depth bomb. The 56 RN HAS. Mk Is were followed by 21 HAS. IVIk 2s (and 37 conversions) with uprated engines, six-bladed tail rotors and intake deflector/filters. The withdrawal of HMS Ark Royal left the Royal Navy without shipbome AEW cover, and nine HAS. Mk 2s were converted to Sea King AEW. Mk 2 standards, with a Searchwater radar with a retractable radome in an inflatable radome. Three similar AEW radar systems were sold to Spain for the conversion of three US-built Spanish navy SH-3H Sea Kings. The surviving AEW Sea Kings are now being upgraded to AEW. Mk 7 stan­dard. with a new puise-Doppler multi-mode radar, new mission computer, JTlDSand IFF.

The Sea King HAS. Mk 5 (85 produced, some 55 by conversion of HAS. Mk 2s) featured Sea Searcher radar, improved processing and Orange Crop ESM. The HAS. Mk 6 has an integrated sonar processor, deep water dipping sonar, and Orange Reaper ESM. Five new-build HAS. Mk 6s followed the prototype (a converted HAS. Mk 5) and 69 conversion kits were supplied to RNAY Fleetlands.

The similar Advanced Sea King was developed specifically for export, India buy:ng 12 Sea Eagle- compatible Sea King Mk 42Bs and six SAR-config – ured Sea King Mk 42Cs.

About half a dozen Royal Navy HAS. Mk 5s were stripped of ASW equipment for use in the SAR role as HAR. Mk 5s, while 19 dedicated Sea King HAR. Mk 3 SAR aircraft were delivered to the RAF Six more HAR. Mk 3As were ordered in February 1992, equipped to an even higher standard, with a new radar, a new AFCS and improved nav systems and radios. ASW and SAR Sea Kings were exported to Australia, Belgium. Egypt, Germany, India, Norway, and Pakistan/

Development of an assault/tactical transport Sea King began in mid-1971, resulting in the Westland Commando No interest was initially expressed by the UK, but Egypt and Qatar placed orders. RN interest began in 1978, as a replacement for the Wessex. Forty-one Commando HC. Mk 4s were procured for the RN. Two similar Sea King Mk 4Xs were built for the RAE as test aircraft.

Подпись: The Sea King HAS.Mk 6 is the Fleet Air Arm’s primary anti-submarine helicopter. The Sea King is finally being replaced by the EH Industries Merlin. Specification: Sea King HAS. Mk 6 Powerplant: wo 1238-kWfl,660-hp) Ro Is Rcyce Gnome H.1400-1T turboshafts Dimensions: main rotor diameter 18.80 m (62 ft}; length overall, rolors turning 22 15m (72 It 8 in), fuselage 17.02 m{55 ft 10 in); height overall 5.13 m (16 ft 10 in) with rotors turning

Weights: empty equipped 7428 kg (16,377 Ibl; maximum take-off 9752 kg (21.500 lb) Performance: maximum cruising speed 204 kmh (126 mph); maximum rate of climb at sea level 619 m (2.030 ft) per minute;