Dassault Mirage 2000N, 2000D Ground attack/strike aircraft


The two-seat Mirage 2000N is France’s dedicated nuclear strike aircraft. This example is a late – production Mirage 2000N-K2,



rench requirements for a Mirage IVP replace­ment to carry the ASMP stand-off nuclear missile resulted in Dassault receiving a contract in 1979 for two Mirage 2000P (Penetration) prototypes (later designated Mirage 2000IM (Nucleaire)). Based on the 2D00B two-scat trainer, the 2000IM has a strengthened airframe for low-leve! flight and considerable differences in avionics, including twin INSs. and Antilope 5 radar optimised for terrain following, ground mapping and navigation. It provides automatic terrain following down to 91 m (300 ft) at speeds up to 1112 kmh (691 mph). Both pilot and WSO have moving map displays. ASMP delivers a 150- or 300-kT warhead up to 80 km (50 miles) from a low-altitude launch point. Outboard, the Mirage 2000N carries a pair of large, 2000-litre (440-lmp gall drop tanks and two self- defence MATRA Magic AAMs. Further protection is provided by the Serval RWR, Sabre electronic jammers and a Spirale chaff/flare system.

The prototype Mirage 2000N was flown on 3 March 1986. The first 30 production aircraft were built to Mirage 2000IM-K1 standard, without the Spirals countermeasures equipment. The – Kl was a dedicated nuclear strike variant, and was armed with two AM.52 free-fall bombs before the ASMP missile was ready for service The second batch of 44 deliveries were Mirage 2000IM-K2S, which had a dual nuclear/conventional capability, and full ASMP compatibility. France’s Mirage 2000N deliveries
were completed in 1993. The 2000N-K1 aircraft have since been upgraded to acquire a limited conventional attack capability.

While the Mirage 200QN is largely dedicated to nuclear strike, Dassault has also developed a similar version for conventional long-range precision attack missions. This is the Mirage 2000D, which out­wardly looks almost identical to the 2000N According to Dassault the D suffix stands for ‘Diversifie’ (diversified). The prototype Mirage 2000D first flew on 19 February 1991 (in fact, this aircraft was modified from the 200QN prototype). France has ordered a total of 86 Mirage 2000Ds and the final aircraft was delivered in 2001.

As with previous Mirages increasing levels of capability have been introduced during the aircraft’s life. The initial production Mirage 2000IM-R1 aircraft d;d not have the full weapons capability of the late production standard Mirage 2000IM-R2s. The -R2 aircraft introduced the Apache and Scalp stand-off missiles, the Samir self-protection fit, and the Atlis II laser-designation system.

Подпись: The Mirage 2000D looks very similar to the 2000N, but does not have a nuclear role. This aircraft is carrying a single Apache stand-off missile. Specification: Dassault Mirage 2000D Powerplant: one 95.12-kN (21,384-Eb) SWECMA M53-P2 turbofan Dimensions: wing span 9,13 m (29 ft 112 in); length 14.55 n |47 ft 9 in); height 5.15 m (16 ft Ш in)

Weights: empty 7600 kg (16,755 lb): maximum take-off 17000 kg (37.478 lb)

Performance: maximum level speed more than 2338 kmh (1.453 mph); maximum rate of Climb a! sea level 17060 m (55.971 ft) per minute: service ceiling 18000 m (59.055 ft): combat range over 1480 km (920 miles) with four 25Q-kg bombs

Armament two 30 mm DEFA 554 cannon with 125 rpg, 6300-kg (13,830-fb) ordnance