In the Kremlin disproved messages on sending of aircraft to Syria

In the Kremlin disproved messages on sending of aircraft to Syria

In the Kremlin information that the Russian aircraft allegedly takes part in bombings of positions of «The Islamic state» urged not to believe. It was declared by the press secretary of the president of Russia Dmitry Peskov, reports "Interfax".

Earlier in the Israeli mass media there were messages that Russia allegedly decided to send to Syria fighting aircraft for fight against fighters of «The Islamic state».

According to the Ynetnews edition referring to diplomatic sources, Russia allegedly throws on airfield near Damascus fighting aircraft, helicopters, parts of air defense and providing. Sources of the edition said that it was a question of "thousand" Russian military personnel.

Earlier, as reports "Interfax", the representative of US State department Mark Toner, making comments on these publications, declared that Washington would welcome strengthening of participation of Russia in fight against «The Islamic state». According to the Toner, in State department saw the message of some mass media that the Russian Federation allegedly decided to develop fighting aircraft in Syria. He emphasized that the American side while studies this information and cannot confirm officially it.

«The Islamic state» (YOKES) – terrorist group, summer of 2014 proclaimed "caliphate" creation on a part of territories of Syria and Iraq. Against YOKES armies, loyal to Damascus, the Syrian insurgents, the Iraq army, Shiite rebels, Kurdish groups of self-defense and a coalition headed by the USA which strikes air blows fight. Activity of YOKES is forbidden in the territory of Russia.

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