The Russian Federation to Tajikistan shock helicopters

urgently throws The Russian Federation to Tajikistan shock helicopters

Fighting possibilities of the 201st military base deployed in the Republic of Tajikistan, the helicopter aircraft will strengthen, reported to "Interfax" of the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation on Wednesday.

The structure of division included shock Mi-24P helicopters and transport and combat Mi-8MTB.

In the Ministry of Defence specify that the created aviagroup will be based in the Gissarsky region of Tajikistan on "Ayni’s" airfield in 30 km from Dushanbe.

Helicopters will carry out of a task of transportation of goods, aviation cover of army columns, disembarkation of tactical air landings, statement of mine and explosive obstacles from air. Besides, helicopters can evacuate patients and wounded, transport cargoes, and also carry out air and engineering investigation of the district.

Let’s remind, the day before in Sochi there passed a meeting of presidents of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin and Tajikistan Emomalii Rahmon. The Tajik leader expressed concern concerning situation deterioration on border with Afghanistan.