Shoygu: The Russian Federation contacts to Turkey on violations

Shoygu: The Russian Federation contacts to Turkey on violations

The Ministry of Defence of Russia came into contacts to the General Staff of Turkey concerning violation by the Russian planes of Syrian-Turkish border. Sergey Shoygu told about it to Vladimir Putin.

On Wednesday the president of Russia Vladimir Putin led discussion with the Minister of Defence of the country Sergey Shoygu. The Minister of War emphasized that the difficult international question which has resulted penetration of the Russian military plane on the territory of Turkey, is solved now.

As representatives of the Ministry of Defence earlier noted, on diplomatic channels the Russian representatives offered all necessary explanations concerning the aviaincident which has occurred on border of Syria and Turkey on October 3. The pilot of the plane after performance of a fighting task did not manage to finish maneuver on return to airfield "Hmeymim" and for some seconds it appeared in air space of Turkey.

After that between military representatives of two countries contacts according to the operative solution of all arising questions, including connected with incident on border were come into, the Russian Minister of Defence told to Putin.

«Direct link for ensuring our work near Turkish borders not to allow incidents with crossing of borders and air space» is adjusted, – told to the president of the country Shoygu.

He added that contact to Turkish partners is adjusted at level of the central command point of Turkish army and the Russian National control center of defense.

Let’s remind, earlier on Wednesday the press secretary of Party of justice ruling in Turkey and developments (PSR) Omer Chelik declared that, despite good-neighbourhood relationship with Russia, Ankara will be and to consider from now on violations of the air space by the Russian military planes as threat of national security.

«Russia – our friend but if repeated violations of air space proceed, we will regard them as threat, instead of friendly behavior», – Chelik told to journalists, having added that Turkish the parties are estimated positively by the offer of Russia "to meet and speak".

Turkish prime minister Ahmet Davutogla expressed earlier opinion that incident with the Russian plane will not cause intensity in the relations between the countries. According to him, Moscow reported to Ankara that incident occurred to violation by the Russian military plane of air borders of Turkey by mistake. The Russian side assured the Turkish authorities that will take all measures in order that similar incidents did not repeat.