The Russian aircraft is dangerous to itself

The Russian aircraft is dangerous to itself

Many see rescue from Islamists in Russia. However the facts speak about other because seven plane crashes in two months do not do the Russian army of good reputation. Planes fall everywhere, but it already too.

Russian aviation experts, despite propaganda outpourings, recognize that the Russian military aircraft is mainly obsolete, therefore its planes fall more often than at others. And not too it is not enough victims. Yes, Russia develops new types of planes but while on their arms it is a little. Besides, because of an economic crisis of Russia it is necessary to save and on the military budget therefore modernization of its army will be tightened still at least for some years. Such was not even during a Bolshevist era. Million people died of hunger, but on soldiers and cosmonauts money was always.

Besides out-of-date types of planes and helicopters, in Russia there is a problem of general negligence. Service of planes neglect because of mass corruption when the money allocated for purchase of repair equipment, settles in pockets of the elite. Other problem in Russia is widespread alcoholism – hardly it is possible to rely on drunk repairmen.

So we have all bases to be afraid of that potential aviation blows of Russia on positions of Islamists in Syria will end with falling of planes in own territory – on Kurdish divisions.

Jan Zigler

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