Why in Russia there are no cheap air tickets?

Why in Russia there are no cheap air tickets?

The head of "Aeroflot" Vitaly Savelyev told in interview to "Businessman" that does not see the bases for emergence of cheap air tickets in the Russian market in the current economic situation.

Savelyev declared that the Russian airlines understand "consequences" of emergence of cheap air tickets: the companies do not want «to fly to themselves at a loss». Extreme decrease in a price level is presumed to itself only by a loukoster "Victory" which «saves on everything».

It continued that cheap tickets mean the half-received income for which covering airlines should take the new credits in banks. So, the head of "Aeroflot" explained, problems at "Transaero" did not appear suddenly – the company had long ago an essential duty, «and all knew about it», and also superfluous park of planes. In crisis banks refused to give out the new credits, and the company started to "stop".

Here Savelyev emphasized a role of passengers buying cheap tickets. In his opinion, cheap tickets buy including those who stores accumulation in banks – those where the Transaero company took the credits. «When the company becomes insolvent, the bank loses liquidity, starts to go bankrupt, and the passenger loses savings in the bank», – the head of "Aeroflot" warned.

Savelyev also told, what even after "Transaero" leaving from the market it «will be overloaded with the offer of capacities of carriers». He assumed that by planes of "Aeroflot" about a half of 13 million passengers which for the last year were transported by "Transaero" will fly now. In this regard in "Aeroflot" plan to increase the personnel, having gathered about a half (5-6 thousand) the staff of "Transaero".

The head of "Aeroflot" confirmed the obligation of the company to transport 90-95 % of passengers of "Transaero" to December 15, however did not exclude that the Rosaviation can stop "Transaero" flights after unplanned inspection.

Now the Transaero airline endures serious debt crisis: its debt exceeds 250 billion rubles, and in the government decided to begin bankruptcy procedure. In October "Aeroflot" cancelled all flights of "Transaero" after December 15.

Alexander Sergeyev