The special aircraft attacks clouds on approaches to Moscow

The special aircraft attacks clouds on approaches to Moscow

The special aircraft "attacks clouds" on approaches to Moscow in attempt to provide in the city good weather, however while in the capital the rain which has charged since early morning continues to go. "Interfax" tells that events of the City Day are postponed because of a rain for uncertain time. Opening ceremony of the City Day should begin at 12:00 on Red Square. 7500 people are invited to a celebration.

The TASS reports that the aircraft working on "zaseivaniye" of clouds since early morning while operates unsuccessfully: a precipitation is noted in many districts of the megalopolis, and also in suburbs. The sky is tightened by dense gray clouds. Meteorological locators show that all zone in radius to 40 kilometers from Moscow is painted in the dark blue color symbolizing a plentiful precipitation. Besides, in the southwest small thunder-storms are fixed.

Works on impact on the clouds named by experts by "zaseivaniye", began on distant approaches to Moscow around 04:00 Moscow time. At first in the sky the scout plane which has studied the current meteorological situation rose, and then the planes equipped with special reagents which should force to spill a rain flew up before they is reached the city.

As reported earlier in Rosaviation, all 10 planes are planned to involve in work on providing good weather – An-26, An-12 and Yak-40.

Annually in Moscow in case of need disperse clouds on the Victory Day, Day of Russia and the City Day.

By data "Interfax", at least one action of a holiday is postponed: procession of 1200 participants of a festival "Spassky tower" along Tverskaya Street which should become the beginning of celebration of the 868 anniversary of the city. Collectives of orchestras from Russia, Belgium, China, Ireland should pass from Pushkin to Manezhnaya Square.