What the Russian Air Force of

What the Russian Air Force of

On the Russian military and air forces, which authorities ignored two tens years in a row the petrodollar rain, at last, spilled. In 2010 of the Air Force and sea aircraft bought only 19 new aircraft with motionless wings. In 2011 they got 24 planes, in 2012 – 35, in 2013 – 51, and in 2014 – already 101. This year the Kremlin intends to buy 91 new planes.

However modernization by modernization, but is one important thing from which at the Russian Air Force it is still bad. The United States and their next allies nearly 30 years as entered an era of high-precision ammunition, and now each their warplane is supplied with bombs and rockets with laser, radar-tracking, infra-red or GPS prompting. Nevertheless, Russia continues to lag behind in the field of development, production and statement on arms of "clever" ammunition of the class "air earth" – especially, distant action.

«Some categories completely are absent – for example, the high-precision aviation rockets started out of a zone air defense (like Storm Shadow which is making by MBDA, and AGM-154 Joint Stand-Off Weapon developed by Raytheon), and a bomb with satellite prompting (though the Russian military successfully tested such bombs)», – Alexander Mladenov (Alexander Mladenov) writes in the last release of Combat Aircraft.

Similarly, the Russian planes did not get aim systems of container type. They are used for prompting on the purpose of "clever" ammunition by aircraft of many countries – but not Russian. As a result, according to Mladenov, «all new bombers and tactical fighters of the Russian Air Force use for blows on the land purposes technologies of prompting of 30-year prescription».

David Eks