Mass media of the USA called the Russian Federation plane

Mass media of the USA called the Russian Federation plane

The American magazine The National Interest called IGIL thunder-storm – the Russian attack plane of Su-25CM "Frog leg". Military experts said earlier that Islamists cannot oppose anything to Russian Su-30CM and Su-34, but absolutely forgot about the well-known Su-25CM plane. The attack plane becomes the effective weapon for support of the operations "air state", writes the edition.

The USA in Iraq a similar attack plane A-10 Warthog ("Borodavochnik") successfully used. The representative of the U.S. Air Force declared that the Russian plane is the best in the class.

Su-25СМ it was developed as the auxiliary weapon for support of land forces. The attack plane is equipped with an armor cabin and duplicating systems, including navigation service, and also modern avionics. The last allows to apply high-precision operated charges, writes RIA Novosti news agency.

The unique minus of the Russian cars is vulnerability at small heights. At small height the plane can become the purpose of antiaircraft installations of Islamists. In case of successful coordination of the Syrian land forces and the Russian generals to pilots it nothing to worry, the expert of the edition speaks.

Su-25СМ become main composing success in campaign of the Air Force of the Russian Federation in Syria, Americans conclude.