Japan lifted in air two fighters on Russian Federation plane

Japan lifted in air two fighters on Russian Federation plane

The Ministry of Defence of Japan fixed the foreign plane which has broken air space of the country. Late department declared that the board which has entered into Japanese air space around the peninsula of Nemuro, belongs to the Russian Federation, the local newspaper Youmiuri transfers.

According to the edition, the plane arrived from the North and stayed in air space of the country about 16 seconds. The Japanese fighters F-15 which did not manage to approach with plane were directed on interception to it and to carry out its identification.

Besides, it is reported that Tokyo plans to send to Russia official inquiry in connection with incident. Let’s note that Nemuro’s peninsula is in 30 kilometers from the Russian island of Kunashir.

Two days ago mass media reported that two Danish fighters F-16 were lifted in air for possible interception of two Russian strategic bombers in close proximity to air space of the country.

Earlier this week it was reported that Great Britain lifted in air fighters of the royal Air Force of Typhoon for support of two Russian Tu-160 bombers which have appeared near air space of the country.

In April of this year of the Air Force of Japan declared increase in quantity of fighting departures of the fighters in connection with strengthening of activity of the Russian and Chinese armed forces at the borders.

In 12 months by March 31, 2015 Japanese fighters made 944 departures that for 16 % more than year before, representative Sio of self-defense of Japan reported. For all the time of supervision since 1958 the bigger quantity was noted only once – in 1984 when the quantity of fighting departures for one year made 945. It is connected with the increased cases of invasion into air space of Japan from Russia in the North and from China – on the southern site of border.