The Chinese fighter – a copy Russian

The Chinese fighter - a copy Russian

On military parade which passed in the beginning of this month in Beijing, the administration of SI of Tszinpin showed for the first time the weapon of own production: ballistic missiles and fighters. Thus we saw the equipment which stuffing did not correspond to appearance therefore the truth and lie about the Chinese armies was opened. The purpose of military parades consists in that by means of demonstration of arms and powerful army to intimidate neighboring countries or to form constraining force. It is possible to tell that it «war in a peace time». Forces of self-defense of Japan, of course, also arrange shows for armies.

Take-off without cargo

On the Chinese parade behind a facade – falseness.

China declared that the equipment of own production will take part in parade only. Nevertheless the fighter J-11 is a copy of Russian Su-27, the deck fighter J-15 copies Russian Su-33. China cannot expose them as domestic development. The majority of engines which are the major detail for equipment, also were imported from Russia.

Raises doubts and efficiency of these arms. If to consider video with J-15, flying up from an aircraft carrier, it is visible that by the plane it is not established any rocket. And it flies up hardly. Most likely, engines do not have capacity to lift the equipped plane in air from a short runway.

For the first time the shown high-rise pilotless CH-5 aircraft in a form reminds the American MQ-9 Reaper. Thus on it rockets air earth in gross weight no more than 900 kgs that is twice less than possibilities of Reaper which can take aboard 1749 kgs can be established. It is obvious that appearance can be copied as much as necessary, and here with an interior already there are problems.

On parade also showed plane systems of distant radar-tracking detection and the prevention (Авакс). As far as they are effective? It is not known. The American military experts say that cannot trust this system, yet will not see its power the eyes. Most likely, at the expense of parade the Chinese armies wanted to show not current state of arms, and their desirable image in the future.

Thus on parade there was also the real weapon. Speech about ballistic missiles. China already started space rockets with the person onboard. Space and ballistic missiles are arranged very much similarly. The People’s Republic of China, capable to put artificial satellites into orbit, possesses the advanced rocket technologies.

Direct threat for Japan is represented by such ballistic missiles of small and average range, as DF-16 and DF-21 which radius of action makes about two thousand kilometers. There is a lot of them that they can strike a massive attack with which the American-Japanese system of antimissile defense cannot consult.

In such emergency situation the American armies which are based in Japan, can leave the country. Only Japanese have to run. Thus in Japan practically do not discuss a measure for counteraction to the Chinese rocket threat. Such feeling that simply ignore this problem.

Rockets – threat

Also big threat is represented by the intercontinental DF-31A ballistic missile which on parade showed for the first time. Usually intercontinental ballistic missiles are started from the fixed launcher. However as DF-31A is established on the car, it can be hidden anywhere in China.

Recently the USA are afraid that the opponent can strike back nuclear missiles. It does vulnerable the American nuclear umbrella under which there is Japan. There is a danger that the USA will not begin to interfere with the military conflict in Asia. It can concern and providing the military help of Japan. Differently, DF-31A rockets are the strategic weapon which can divide such allied countries, as the USA and Japan.

The world community scarified military parade as he was led after explosions in Tianjin and in the conditions of chaos in the joint-stock markets. Even in such difficult situation the communist party decided to put pressure upon the USA and Japan, having lifted prestige of the country.

Nevertheless the hard line of China, the bigger mistrust to it test neighboring countries (the Minister of Defence of the USA Asheton Carter (Ashton Carter)). The USA and Japan expand dialogue and keep vigilance. Whether isolation of China as a result of carrying out large-scale parade amplified? Smart action in which the truth and lie intertwined, revealed, the Chinese authorities are how alarmed.

Tetsuro Kosak