China joins the Russian airstrikes in Syria

China joins the Russian airstrikes in Syria

Military and prospecting sources Israeli online of the DEBKAfile edition report that China notified Moscow on Friday October 2 that the Chinese strike fighters J-15 will soon join the Russian air campaign begun on September 30. Baghdad, meanwhile, suggested Moscow to use the air base for drawing of blows on the YOKES, grasped extensive areas of the territory of Iraq, reports debka. com.

Warplanes J-15 will fly up from the Chinese aircraft carrier "Lyaonin-CV-16" which approached to coast of Syria on September 26, according to DEBKAfile. The first military operation of the Chinese Air Force in the Middle East, and also aircraft carrier check in real fighting conditions become a sign event for Beijing.

On Thursday evening the Minister of Foreign Affairs of China Van Also made comments on the Syrian crisis at UN Security Council meeting in New York: «The world does not presume to stand aside and look to itself, having combined hands, but also should not allow rash intervention (in the conflict)».

Not less considerable event occurred approximately at the same time when the prime minister of Iraq Haider al-Abadi, acting in the USA in the PBS NewsHour program, told that will welcome input of the Russian armies to Iraq for fight against fighters of IGIL in its country. As additional motive, he noted that it also will give the chance to Moscow to deal with 2 thousand 500 Chechen Islamists which, according to him, are at war on IGIL party in Iraq.

Baghdad and Moscow just concluded the agreement on use by the Russian Air Force of air base of Al Takaddum in Habany, 74 km to the West from Baghdad, as intermediate point in the Russian air passage to Syria and in quality a launch pad for drawing of blows against positions of IGIL and their infrastructure in the north of Iraq and Syria.

Joint Russian-ирано – the Syrian-Iraq operative center began work from last week on the basis of the Iraq Ministry of Defence and a military staff in Baghdad for coordination of the Russian and Iranian air transport to Syria, and also for carrying out the Russian air raids. This command center also will organize a transfer Iranian and about – the Iranian Shiite forces to Syria.

Russia, thus, created a military enclave in Iraq, same as well as in Syria where it took over the control of base near Latakia on the western coast of the country. At the same time, Habbany’s air base serves armies of the USA operating in Iraq, which number, by estimates, makes 5 thousand people.

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