Anton Orekh: flight abnormal

Anton Orekh: flight abnormal

Whether always it is necessary to answer with blow blow? Whether always it is necessary to take symmetric measures? Whether always it is necessary to answer with nonsense nonsense? Here I am not sure that always. And an example with a ban on flight of the Ukrainian airlines – just from this series. Ukraine accepted the most stupid ban on "Aeroflot" and "Transaero" flights. The most stupid! Because the highest sense of any sanctions consists in punishing the government, but not the people. To complicate life that who makes decisions which you consider dangerous, criminal or which to you it is simple not to liking. But simple people are not guilty and to enter sanctions against them wrong. And so, when Ukraine forbade flights of the Russian companies – to whom she wanted to do much harm? What loss from it will be incurred by Putin or his associates? Any! What damage will put it to the Russian military continuing war in Donbass? Any!

The main affected party will be those people who flied to native, to friends, as tourists or on any important issues from Russia to Ukraine and back. And the majority of them were Ukrainians. That is Ukraine created problems first of all to itself and the citizens. And this that case when our chiefs and propagandists had full authority to mock or throw thunders. That case when the opponent made the worst gaffe and a sin to them not to use. Actually, this miss also used. Also were damaged almost on the full. But these also needed to be limited. In passing without being tired to remind that we are fraternal peoples that by no means it is impossible to tear economic, cultural and simple human relations that Kiev – mother of the cities of Russian, where a set of orthodox shrines to which our believers want to arrive and bow. And supposedly while the junta interferes with all this Poroshenko, we as we can, try to keep though something connecting us.

But a place of it we in reply to the Ukrainian ban of flights enter similar the. Simply by a principle «tooth for tooth». But if the opponent made an obvious nonsense, why to answer with a symmetric nonsense? Eventually, among those who flies to Ukraine and back, 30 % are our citizens. Let it pass with Ukrainians, let us assume, – but after all we create these 30 % of a problem. So in a match of two fools in the blue sky the account was made even – 1:1. However, duels are carried out not only on airways. Both the account on nonsenses and crimes for a long time not football, but basketball. And with each next goal the abyss separating two countries and two people, only becomes wider.

Anton Orekh

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