Where the Ukrainian aviation industry flies?

Where the Ukrainian aviation industry flies?

The state aviaconcern "Antonov" finally broke cooperation links with Russia. The government obliged the Ukrainian aircraft manufacturers to stop participation in the joint Russian-Ukrainian enterprise "OAK-Antonov". What stands up for this decision?

According to the order of the Cabinet of Ukraine No. 920 from September 8, «It is necessary for state aircraft manufacturing concern "Antonov" to take measures for providing an exit of concern from JSC OAK-Antonov. Let’s remind that the decision on creation of joint venture was accepted in October, 2010 in Kiev with the assistance of prime ministers of Russia and Ukraine. The purpose of the joint venture was realization of joint programs in aircraft construction. Among key projects the mass production of such cars, as AN-148 (158), AN-70, and also reincarnation of production legendary AN-124 "Ruslan" was planned.

Cooperation with Russia went the last 5 years very hardly and was the extremely politized, however yielded some fruits. Joint efforts in five years of existence "OAK-Antonov" let out 30 planes, from them directly in Ukraine 18 cars are made. From first day of creation of the joint venture debate on the subject of does not cease what contribution to joint business was more important and this cooperation for our countries is how expedient. It is precisely possible to tell one – the contribution of each of the parties was extremely supplementing.

If to speak about production AN-148, on "Antonov’s" capacities production of a wing, a nasal part of a fuselage and the central part of a fuselage was provided. The Zaporozhye dvigatelestroitel from "Motor Sich" made engines, and the well-known Yuzhmashzavod delivered to the chassis. Participation of the Russian side in the person of the Voronezh joint-stock aircraft constructing company (VASO) was expressed in production of tail plumage of a wing and a tail part of a fuselage. All other – generally import.

But the most important that the Russian aircraft manufacturers did are a final assembly of the plane which is the most difficult stage of a production cycle. And as the Ukrainian experts recognized, assembly was given better to VASO’S experts, than colleagues from Kiev «Antonov’s serial plant», it by "Aviant". One more important point is that the AN-148 project received financing which Ukraine could not provide from United Aircraft Corporation. From the annual report of OAK for 2011 follows that on for financing of construction of aircrafts of the An-148 type it was allocated with 3,7 billion rubles. The main achievement of JV OAK-Antonov, lowering all spory moments, is a chance of Ukrainian revival, and together with it and the Russian aviation industry. Now, the Ukrainian Ministry burned all the boats, connecting the Russian and Ukrainian aviaindustrialists.

After the Kiev Maidan, contrary to illusions on the subject of that after Yanukovych’s overthrow to the power the understanding people anxious including with destiny of aircraft industry of Ukraine will come, – anything good did not occur. For the Antonova enterprises arrival of the new power was marked by the most powerful corporate conflict, complete turning of state support, absence of orders and as a whole foggy prospects of further destiny of aviaconcern.

At first the decree came from Kiev about Dmitry Kiva’s dismissal which directed state enterprise since 2005. He is the doctor of science and Oleg Antonov’s pupil – the founder of legendary aivazavod. After a Maidan on Kiva charges of wastes, abuses and other bad acts fell down, even criminal case, subsequently however the collapsed was opened. According to one version Kiva slandered, it agrees another – in charges there was an element of truth.

Hearings that Kiva’s removal Arseny Yatsenyuk’s work which lobbied to a position of the new head – Sergey Merenkov – the person from the aviation industry which earlier was already working at "Antonov", but also with ambiguous reputation went. In 2006 Kiva discharged Merenkov allegedly for transfer of confidential data to Iran. Thus Merenkov is the author of the AN-140 project and to the last supported cooperation with Russia, unlike Kiva who after a Maidan supported policy of the new authorities. However the whole-hearted support of ATO Kiva did not rescue it from dismissal.

Anyway, to understand, who in this situation supported interests of aircraft factory and who for interests of the pocket – is not present more need. The subsequent events at last threw light on original intentions concerning aviaconcern. In May, 2015 the enterprise was comprehended by reorganization. The ministry was transferred by "Antonov" in Ukroboronprom state concern structure. In June "Ukroboronprom" finally displaced Dmitry Kiva from a post of a genkonstruktor and appointed the acting director a certain Mikhail Gvozdev.

As it became clear, Gvozdev is the People’s Deputy from «Peter Poroshenko’s Block» and no any relation to an aircraft industry has. About what the last position – the director general of JSC Audi Centre Khmelnytsky tells it. Perhaps comments here are excessive. Such castling confirms the version that the Kiev authorities intend to divide aviaconcern into parts, having sold out its assets for a further residential development of the huge areas which occupy shops and company hangars. The former manager of motor show with "roof" in the person of ruling party – the most suitable figure for realization of this task.

In general current position of the legendary Soviet aviagiant the extremely pitiable. Though the enterprise in 2015 even has profit, it however is connected with air transportation and repair of aviation equipment. It should be noted that "Antonov" and is interesting by it to "reformers" from a Maidan, after all repair and a cargo transportation – very favorable business. It is said that concern transfer under "Ukroboronprom" wing is based on it – officials from defense industry at protection intend to take over the control of "Antonov’s" financial flows from above.

And here the main appointment of the enterprise, so to speak, prestige and pride of the nation, – production of aviation equipment, now under a big question. For 2014 "Antonov" made only two planes and that, by old orders. In the summer of 2015 on a world famous air show of Le Bourget (Le Bourget) in France, Ukraine was comprehended by the next failure: the second year in a row of contracts on production of planes is not present.

However very curious contract with Saudi Arabia was signed. It concerns production of the transport An-132 plane and only not in Ukraine, and in the Saudi kingdom. For these purposes construction of new aircraft factory there is planned. Participation of the Ukrainian aviaindustrialists in this project very modest – coordination and production control. The main works саудиты intend to execute with the assistance of the German companies. It is visible the main function of new curators of "Antonov" from "Ukroboronprom" – to sell technologies abroad and safely to close a question with production of planes. And the decision to refuse cooperation with Russia against all these events more, than sign.

Dmitry Zavorotny