NATO: contacts of the USA and the Russian Federation will prevent the conflicts in the sky of

NATO: contacts of the USA and the Russian Federation will prevent the conflicts in the sky of

The secretary general of NATO Jens Stoltenberg is convinced that violation of air space of Turkey «was not casual». He made such statement on Tuesday on the threshold of a meeting of Ministers of Defence of the participating countries of alliance in Brussels.

The secretary general specified that the alliance yet did not undertake attempts to carry out consultation of Russia in connection with violation by Russian Federation plane of air space of Turkey. He also emphasized that emergence of similar situations is necessary to avoid further, and help with it contacts of Washington and Moscow, according to him, can.

«I welcome existence of contacts between the USA and Russia to try to establish mechanisms in order to avoid the conflict, it means to avoid incidents between the different planes operating in one air space», – Stoltenberg emphasized.

Besides, he did not confirm the message of a number of the western editions which have spread informations that the Russian planes allegedly directed the weapon at the Turkish Air Force. «I cannot confirm this information», – he declared, answering questions of journalists. Let’s note that these messages in mass media were not confirmed by the late any official.

Let’s remind, now VKS Russian Federation on demand of the president of Syria Bashar Assad participate in military and air operation against fighters and objects of the terrorist organization forbidden in Russia «The Islamic state». The Russian fighters put dot airstrikes on positions of fighters of «The Islamic state» on territories of Syria.

Incident occurred to the Russian plane on October 3 near the settlement Yayladagy of the Turkish province Hatay. The fighter VKS Russian Federation got into the sky of Turkey from Syria and retired, when on its interception two Turkish F-16 planes went. Moscow already explained that the previous incident occurred to violation of air space of Turkey by mistake.

On Tuesday Turkey again accused Russia of violation of the air space. In Ankara declare that the second incident occurred past Sunday.