The USA were thrown to Latvia by two bespilotnik of

The USA were thrown to Latvia by two bespilotnik of

To Latvia from the USA on Monday two pilotless prospecting aircraft of the Predator Em-kyyu-1 model are thrown, the official representative of the Pentagon captain Jeff Davies reported. Together with aircraft of profit of 70 people of the service personnel, Davies added.

"This temporary placement of aircraft and personnel (…) will allow to test possibility of use of devices at the advanced boundaries and for carrying out operations. Our purpose – to show to our allies in Latvia and to our allies in NATO our firm intentions concerning safety in the region", – Davies told.

In March the head of the commission of a diet of Latvia of defense and internal affairs Aynars Latkovskis told BBC, the country undertakes what actions to strengthen the border with Russia after annexation of the Crimea.

"Negotiations with the USA are carried on, already there are political agreements that the USA will help us with technologies for protection of a boundary. They – our strategic partner, and the volume of this help is defined by a situation in the region. Call equipment I cannot", Latkovskis told.

At the end of June the Minister of Defence of the USA Asheton Carter at joint press conference with Ministers of Defence of three Baltic countries declared that the USA for the first time in history will place heavy arms, including tanks, BMP and artillery, in Eastern Europe.