Russian Su-35 against Evrofayter: who will win?

Russian Su-35 against Evrofayter: who will win?

Intensity in Europe because of the Russian actions in Ukraine amplifies, and in these conditions of the country of NATO intensified air patrol in the sky over the Baltic states of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. Though the U.S. Air Force will often involve the planes for control of air space over these former Soviet republics, sometimes the task of control of Moscow lays down on shoulders of the European aviation firms.

Many countries of Europe, including Great Britain, Germany, Italy and Spain, in aircraft prefer the multi-purpose fighter Eurofighter Typhoon. In the beginning it was developed only as the fighter of a gain of an air superiority. "Typhoon" excellently behaves in air fight. In an improbable case of emergence of the conflict the European fighter, most likely, will stand and will win fight with planes of the last generation of the "Sukhoi" company, such as Su-35C. Both at Russian, and the European plane has advantages, however as a whole they are quite comparable.

Recently it was found out by pilots of "Typhoons" from the Royal Air Force which had training combat training together with pilots of the Indian Air Force on Russian Su-30MKI. «The first impression of "Flanker" (NATO codification – a comment перев.) very positive, – the commander of the 3rd (destructive) squadron the lieutenant colonel of aircraft Chris Moon (Chris Moon) noted in the statement. – It is the magnificent plane, and to work together with it at our "Typhoon" is a privilege».

"Typhoon" too impressed Indians, and they noticed that both cars are approximately equal by possibilities. «Both are planes of the fourth generation and therefore correspond each other according to many characteristics. Therefore value of training consists in personal contacts of pilots, – the major of aircraft to Ava noted in the statement for the Royal Air Force Arya (Avi Arya). – Most important the person operating car».

As noted Arya, the majority of fighters of the fourth generation, such as Su-35 and "Typhoon", have similar characteristics. The pilots flying by these planes, should learn to operate them to the limit. And it means that they should use to the maximum their strengths and to avoid weaknesses.

As to Su-35, it is perfectly operated on low speeds thanks to a vector of draft and nullifies such advantages of "Typhoon" as very high angular speed of a turn and an excellent tyagovooruzhennost. At the same time it has a big angle of attack. He acts approximately the same as pilots of the Air Force and Naval Forces of the USA by the F/A-18 Hornet and F-15 Eagle cars carry out educational fights with "Typhoons" on visibility removal. A lot of things here depends on the pilot – and from good luck.

Outside of visibility range more appreciable role is played by equipment, but tactics, level of preparation and an operations procedure are the key moments. Groups of fighters should cooperate with each other, and also with planes АВАКС and with land dispatchers. One high-ranking instructor of the U.S. Air Force gave such example. If the group as a part of four F-15 enters air fight with other group as a part of four F-15, using standard tactics, in the absence of mistakes fight will end with a draw. Moreover, pilots usually keep such tactical receptions a secret. For example, divisions of the U.S. Air Force do not show the most advanced tactical receptions on the international doctrines not to subject them to risk of exposure.

As to technologies, neither Su-35, nor "Typhoon" are not equipped now with an antenna lattice with automatic electronic scanning, but at both quite good possibilities on conducting combat operations outside of visibility range. Both fighters possess high speed, big height of flight outside of visibility range and therefore can give enormous energy of start-up to the onboard arms in such fight. But it is not known, the Russian systems of an identification in fighting conditions are how effective – and it is necessary to know precisely, in what you shoot. Further, at "Typhoon" an excellent cabin and the interface the pilot car – is much better, than at today’s Flankerov options.

The eurofighter has also one more advantage. The forthcoming years the Air Force of Britain will take advantage of the guided missile of the class "air-air" of big range of MBDA Meteor. This rocket with the mid-flight direct-flow propulsion jet engine quite probably is for today the best in the class for defeat of the purposes outside of visibility range. It has excellent characteristics on a final piece of flight, and this rocket can become a trump card of pilots of "Typhoon" – at least while Russian will not invent it equal.

There are no doubts that the Russian planes did a huge technical way after the completion of cold war. Su-30 and especially Su-35 are the excellent fighters capable in case of war to create many problems to the western cars of the fourth generation. But after all the Russian planes lag behind on such aspects, as devices of detection and pilot car interfaces. And therefore "Typhoon" has more than chances to win.

Dave Majumdar