The Russian fighter became small horror to NATO of

The American experts called the Russian educational and fighting multi-purpose fighter Yak-130 «small horror of which it is necessary to be afraid of NATO». About it wrote The National Interest leaving in the USA and Canada.

The Alliance actually has reasons to fear Yak-130. Most important from them – existence at the fighter under each wing of three points of a suspension bracket. With their help it is possible to equip the plane with three tons of the modern weapon. It can be class "air-air", "air surface" rockets, high-precision operated air bombs, bombs of a free fall, uncontrollable rockets, gun containers and pendant fuel tanks.

Besides, in Yak-130 it is possible to fix a 23-millimetric gun under a fuselage, and on the ends of wings to provide two more points of a suspension bracket for class "air-air" rockets.

Such fighter in a full unit of fire weighs 10 300 kgs. It is slightly more than a half of the maximum take-off weight F-16 which at present is the main multi-purpose fighter of the U.S. Air Force and many American allies.

If the Russian fighter to equip additionally with two additional fuel tanks, two dvukhsotkilogrammovy bombs and a gun, its maximum fighting radius will make nearly 700 kilometers. It is an advantageous indicator in comparison with F-16 which with two 900-kilogram bombs, two AIM-9 Sidewinder rockets and pair of pendant fuel tanks has radius in 1 350 kilometers.

Yak-130 it was created in Yakovlev Design Bureau. The plane defined as base for the main and increased preparation of pilots of the Air Force of Russia. Yak-130 gives the chance at the most modern level to train pilots for the Russian and foreign warplanes of generation «4 +» and «5».

On last air show MAX-2015 the corporation presented the modernized model of the fighter with the built-in laser range finder. With this device efficiency of fighting use of the plane on the land purposes considerably raises.