The fighter of NATO collapsed before take-off in Estonia

The fighter of NATO collapsed before take-off in Estonia

Loud scandal burst in Estonia because of poor-quality military equipment which the Ministry of Defence of Germany sent to Baltic.

As the Estonian newspaper "Postimees" reports, in military airfield in Emari at the German fighter during a rulezhka on a runway the external fuel tank fell off.

This plane was right there written off from use. As a result in Estonia there were only three German fighters. However and on them hopes are not present, as external tanks on them are also insufficiently strongly established, the German newspaper Suddeutsche Zeitung notes.

Journalists of this edition made investigation and found out that in Germany use of external tanks by planes of this type is suspended. Also it is seen the written-off planes were as superfluous sent for protection of "Baltic boundaries".

The episode in Emari became one of the most discussed subjects in military circles of Estonia. There say that NATO officials send scrap metal to Baltic.