Lukashenko: The Russian air base of

is not necessary to Belarus Lukashenko: The Russian air base of

Lukashenko confirmed the union with Russia in NATO counterbalance, but rejected possibility of foreign air base in the country.

The president of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko declared that speeches about placement of the Russian air base in the republic was never conducted, странав to it does not need, Belta transfers.

"Speeches placing the Russian air base in the territory of Belarus, it was never conducted. I do not know anything about it. The person who should make this decision, – I know nothing about it", – Lukashenko at a meeting with inhabitants of the Minsk area told.

The head of state emphasized that "it is not necessary to us base today, especially military and air forces". "Certain arms are necessary to us. About what I publicly too spoke to Putin and earlier Medvedev", – he added.

At the same time Lukashenko noted that Belarus is in the union with the Russian Federation: "We have a responsibility, both at Russia, and at Belarus. We concluded the agreement – they answer together with us for the western direction. Actually we not alone against NATO here stand, together with the Russian Federation".

"We have a concrete plan even on a war case as it is necessary to operate. Naturally, we will not publish it, it is absolutely secret plan, but on this direction the main force is the Belarusian army. If the conflict – that Russia starts us to support the appropriate human resources, concrete armies, planes, helicopters and so on are defined. On a conflict case", – the head of state told.

"Planes, instead of bases are necessary today to us. We have fine pilots, at us good school of pilots of military, civil. And why to me to create base? Why to me today to deliver here planes and pilots of other states? And that will do the?" – the president continued.

The Belarusian president noted that he is offended by the statement of the Russian Federation for air base. "I into this account with anybody had no conversation. Simply me surprises and even to some extent revolts and offends, why it was to Russians today to throw in mass media? Perhaps worry that we is valid for the West we leave to throw this subject that the West started to ask or doubt at us what we with them want normalization of the relations?" – marked out Lukashenko.

He also warned that "there will be any provocations, from any party". "Be very accurate. Do not relax", – the president summed up.

As it was reported, on September 19 the president of Russia Vladimir Putin disposed to sign the agreement with Belarus about creation in its territory of the Russian air base. The head of state also charged the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Defence to begin necessary negotiations with Minsk.