National Interest: F-35 cannot win Su-35 fight

National Interest: F-35 cannot win Su-35 fight

One of the last American fighters of the fifth generation of Lockheer Martin F-35 cannot sustain air fight with Russian Su-35, writes the The National Interest edition.

While F-35 should become the main tactical fighter of the USA, far not each country presumes to itself a set similar expensive fighters of the fifth generation. Even Russia and China, possibly, will not try to put such fighters in a basis of the Air Force. In the Russian Federation the main tactical fighter there should be Su-27. Most its powerful updating is Su-35 in whom engine and glider indicators are considerably improved.

What would happen, if the group of four F-35 met group of four Su-35? It is the most probable that they would change a course and F-22 planes and F-15C which could help to deal with Su-35 urged on to help. F-35 thus continued to fly to the planned purposes, without engaging with Su-35, concludes National Interest.

The reason of such hypothetical behavior is that, despite plans of the Ministry of Defence of the USA to use F-35 as the fighter, actually it is a strike fighter with all accompanying pluses and minuses. If F-35 nevertheless it was possible to remain in private in fight with Su-35, hope of rescue could become a stealth technology which presume to disappear and avoid fight.

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