The Ministry of Defence of Indonesia made the decision to buy in the Russian Federation Su-35С

The Ministry of Defence of Indonesia made the decision to buy in the Russian Federation Su-35С

TSAMTO, on September 3. The Ministry of Defence of Indonesia made the decision on purchase of a squadron of the Russian multipurpose fighters Su-35 intended for replacement of out-of-date of American F-5E/F "Tiger".

As the Minister of Defence of Indonesia Ryamizard Ryachuda reported to Antara agency during survey of arms and military equipment in one of garrisons near Jakarta, defensive department of the country already agreed with the Russian partners about purchase of new planes.

According to the minister, the choice fell on the Russian plane because the Indonesian pilots are more accustomed to operation of fighters of the SU brand. New Su-35 planes, as well as before Su-27CK/CKM and Su-30MK/MK2, will be acquired step by step by several parties in process of existence of means in the budget. The contract is planned to sign at the end of September.

The chief of the department of planning of the Ministry of Defence of Indonesia the marshal M. Syaugi (M.Syaugi) added that according to standard procedures of acquisition of arms, the Indonesian OPK will receive from Russia some technologies (transfer of technology – ToT). According to ЦАМТО, most likely, their most part will be made by maintenance and repair. Nevertheless, considering quickly enough developing aviation branch of this country, the Indonesian OPK can assume rather big a share in production Su-35.

As already reported ЦАМТО, on August 31 the vice-chairman of the First commission (defense and foreign policy) the Indonesian parliament Tubagus Hasanuddin (Tubagus Hasanuddin) declared that Russia can grant to Indonesia a soft loan for the sum of 3 bln. dollars for financing of purchases of the Russian arms within military and technical cooperation of two countries.
The scheme of granting the credit to buyers of the Russian arms in many cases is justified and mutually advantageous. Russia and Indonesia has many directions of cooperation – both existing, and perspective. Indonesia is interested in deliveries from Russia of the fighters Su-30, purchase of surface-to-air missile missile systems of average radius of action is not excluded also. Therefore granting the credit in this case – one of forms of advance of the Russian weapon on the Indonesian market. Thus it is a question about credit, instead of the gratuitous scheme.

On arms of the Air Force of Indonesia is available 16 F-5E/F "Tayger-2", including 12 single and 4 double planes. Planes were delivered to Indonesia in 1980. In use they passed modernization.
Inquiry about information on delivery of the MO new planes of Indonesia published in 2014. It was supposed that at the initial stage of the Air Force of Indonesia will get 16 new planes. In the long term this quantity can increase. Key requirements to applicants were transfer of technologies of the national industry and participation of the local companies in production.

Earlier Indonesian Air Force considered possibility of purchase of the fighters Su-35, F-16 Blok.60, JAS-39 "Gripen" and "Tayfun" of the consortium "Evrofayter". «Рафаль» among candidates initially it was not considered. Nevertheless, after «Dasso авиасьон» (Dassault Aviation) actively joined in race for obtaining the contract. In March of this year during the LIMA-2015 exhibition two fighters "Rafal" showed flight characteristics to representatives of the management of the Ministry of Defence of Indonesia.

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