The Pentagon marked in Syria the Russian planes and green little men

The Pentagon marked in Syria the Russian planes and green little men

Seven Russian transport Ruslan AN-124 planes landed in the Syrian airfield near Latakia, reports Fox News TV channel referring to sources in the Pentagon.

According to the correspondent, in a week the Russian experts erected about one hundred premises near the port of Latakia. It is reported also about a transfer «the same militarized parts without identification marks, which Russia used in Ukraine (so-called «green little men» – a comment to "Lenty.Ra")».

Stay «green little men» in Syria was declared on September 11 also by the president of Ukraine Peter Poroshenko.

In Moscow repeatedly emphasized that Russia supports a mode of the Syrian president Bashar Assad and helps Damascus with fight against terrorism, however about participation of the Russian forces in operations of speech does not go. According to the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey Lavrov, the Russian military are in Syria for many years, however their activity is limited to the help to Syrians in development of equipment and its preparation for application in fight.

Civil war proceeds in Syria since 2011. During this time in the country more than 230 thousand people were lost. About 11,5 million Syrians – over a half of the population of the country – were compelled to leave the houses. Insurgents support overthrow of president Assad.

«The Islamic state» (YOKES) – the terrorist group which has proclaimed creation of the caliphate on a part of grasped by it in the summer of 2014 of territories of Syria and Iraq. Against YOKES armies, loyal to Damascus, the Syrian insurgents, the Iraq army, Shiite rebels, Kurdish groups of self-defense and a coalition headed by the USA which strikes air blows fight. Activity of YOKES is forbidden in the territory of Russia.

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