Just as the MiG-27 was developed from the MiG-23BM, the MiG-27K was developed from the MiG-23BK (32-26). Its new PrNK-23K nav – attack system could manage the aircraft’s flight path and fire the can­non and missiles simultaneously. Compared with the MiG-23M’s PrNK – 23S, it offered new control possibilities: PMS mode (sighting from a maneuvering aircraft for bomb release as well as cannon and rocket fire) and PKS mode (time-tagged and corrected target tracking and bombing in blind flight according to navigation coordinates).

The twin-barrel 23-mm was also replaced by one GSh-6-30 six-bar­rel underside cannon. The SUV fire control system had many capabili­ties: programmed firing, missile and rocket firing (with emergency control), display of weapon availability, bomb release (cluster or indi­vidual), and cannon firing. The SUV also warned the pilot of the weapon racks’ release. The aircraft was equipped with a flight manage­ment system (with automatic mode transfer), radar warning receiver, active radar jammer, and smoke-emitter. The MiG-27K could cany the same array of weapons as the MiG-23B plus laser-guided missiles. Pro­duction took place over several years.

Like the MiG-27, the МЮ-23К could carry four metric tons of external military load


Span (72" sweep), 7.779 m (25 ft 6.3 in); span (16° sweep), 13.965 m (45 ft 9 8 in); fuselage length (except probe), 15.489 m (50 ft 9.8 in); wheel track, 2.728 m (8 ft 11.4 in); wheel base, 5.991 m (19 ft 7.9 in); wing area (72° sweep), 34.16 m2 (367.7 sq ft); wing area (16° sweep), 37.35 m2 (402 sq ft); max takeoff weight with eight FAB-500 bombs, 20,670 kg (45,555 lb); max takeoff weight on unprepared strip, 18,100 kg (39,890 lb); landing weight, 14,200 kg (31,295 lb); max landing weight, 17,000 kg (37,470 lb); on the load sheet, one 790-1 (209-US gal) drop tank is worth 750 kg (1,655 lb), two are worth 1,530 kg (3,370 lb), and three are worth 2,280 kg (5,025 lb); wing loading (72° sweep), 605-529.9 kg/m2 (124-108.6 lb/sq ft); wing loading (16° sweep), 553.4-484.6 kg/m2 (113.4-99.3 lb/sq ft).

The MiG-27M can be easily recognized by the dielectric lip located above the laser range finder window and by the leading edge root extension.

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